“Since 1994”

Mega Master Technology Inc., formerly Liang Haw Fiber Inc. (established in 1994), is a subsidiary of Liang Woei Enterprise.

In 1997, Liang Haw Fiber Inc. introduced its Electron-beam (EB) Irradiation Technology entering the environmental-friendly high-polymer foam material industry and, thereafter, was renamed as Mega Master Technology Inc.

The Company is also the exclusive sales representative of nylon fiber for Formosa Chemical & Fibre Corporation.



With improved R&D and production technologies, the Company introduced its internationally known high-polymer foam material – eFoam (trade name) - manufactured using its advanced EB irradiation technology for the global market. The Company is committed to manufacture non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting Green Products using clean production process for a pollution-free, clean, and safe world.

With the joining of Hanil Cement in Korea, the Joint Venture Mega Master was established in 2011, introducing advanced facilities from Japan and Korea while continuing core expertise from its precedent, Liang Haw Technology Ltd. Co.

Green Process

All of Mega Master Technology’s advanced Clean Production technologies - including the raw material, manufacturing processes, and to the final green products - follow the Kyoto Protocol in spirit and meet the European RoHS requirements.

Research and Development

The integrated R&D team develops its patented green products by working with universities and public & private institutions, such as The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Chung-Shan Instatute of Science and Technology (CSIST), Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Tamkang University, Plastic Industry Development Center, Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Textile Research Institute.

Employee-Oriented Management

In Plant Management, the Company introduces employees’ Improvement Suggestion Policy to encourage the employees’ participation in improving manufacturing processes, resolving technical problems, and maintain product quality. The Company provides a comprehensive Employee Benefit Program including insurance, training, workers’ safety measures, as well as garden-like campus. The Company views its Employee-Oriented Management program as essential to its success.





We will focus in “Ecology”, “Explore” value added products, and “Enforce” our clean production process. With these “3Es”, we are developing our products with global vision and innovation. We reach out to the world with our green products and pride ourselves with the term “MIT” (Made-in-Taiwan).